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Civic Engagement, Policy and  Advocacy

Nothing is more important to ensuring full representation of the Arab American/MENA community than making sure every citizen is registered to vote - and is casting their ballot. We support community members in everything from registration to get out rg vote (GOTV) initiatives. This include training on the freedom of election and how to be a powerful voice for the community needs.

Our policy work is focused on serving the members of the community. Our Policy and Advocacy program works with our community to amplify the needs and interests of the Arab American and Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) community. ACCC  team local, state, and federal elected officials to address issues of Health Equity, Date Equity, Voting Rights, Racial Justice, Immigration Justice, Narrative Justice, as well as Economic opportunity and Community Development 

The ACCC team is welcoming all comments, questions and any issue that you like to talk about, so please feel free to email or call us t 415-664-2200

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